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Cangos 2001 Ltd is a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of braided ropes in the republic of Bulgaria. We produce single and double braided ropes made from synthetic materials (polyamide 6, polyester silk and textile polyester) and from natural materials (jute). Offering high quality ropes at the most competitive prices on the Bulgarian market for ropes, we are ready to fulfill your requirements for the specific characteristics of the rope you (our client) desire and even to go beyond your expectations about the quality and strength of our products.

Static kernmantle double braided and safety ropes, braided ropes from polyamide, braided ropes from polyester silk, braided ropes from textile polyester, and braided ropes from jute are the main kinds of ropes we manufacture but we trade with other types of ropes as well. We offer rope products like hammocks, cradles, ladders and ropes for towing automobiles. Jute cords, braided cords from polyester and household ropes are also included in our assortment.

As part of our future plans for growth and entering foreign markets for ropes, mainly in countries within the European Union, we are interested in finding distributors for our products in these countries and in the creation of long term relations with them. For more information, call us at +359 887 98 86 85 or send us an e-mail.