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About Us

Braided ropes manufacturing and trading with ropes are central activities to our business which was established in the year 2000 with 100% private capital. The general manager of our firm (Todor Ivanov) is also one of the owners and he has more than 20 years of experience in this type of business. The development of the market for braided ropes in Bulgaria and the building of the good name of our company are to a great extent the results of his work and that of his team.

With the foundation of our company we purchased dynamometer “Tira test 2300” with which we test our ropes so that the quality of our products is guaranteed. Over the years our company has undergone serious development which includes: construction of a contemporary production facility, modernization of our machines and our technological base, purchasing of new highly efficient machines, and a significant increase of our work force. These changes led to increasing out production capabilities and to improving the quality of our products.

Our future plans for growth include: additional modernization of our technological base and increase in our production capabilities; extending the diversity of products we offer (like rope types, sizes, and colours and various rope products); full domination on the Bulgarian market for braided ropes; entering foreign markets for ropes – mainly in countries within the European Union and the Balkan peninsula and in Russia.