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Offering high quality ropes at the most competitive prices has always been and continues to be one of our main goals over the years. We at Cangos 2001 Ltd have always tried to satisfy the needs of our customers and we believe that our company is successful because it has several important advantages compared to other rope manufacturers in Bulgaria.

The production of ropes with materials that are of superior quality lies at the centre of our activities. The strict quality control of our production is a very important advantage and the results are visible to the end consumer. The strength, the elasticity and the other attributes of the different rope types and sizes are tested by our employees so that our customers know for what purpose they can use the ropes they have purchased and how much load they can bear.

Offering products at competitive prices is an extremely important characteristic of every company that aims at increasing its market share. Our ability to offer braided ropes at some of the lowest prices in Bulgaria is a crucial element of our business strategy and an important factor for the development of our company. We sell our high quality products at relatively low prices because of the following factors: the creation of a large and complex distribution network and the development of long term relations with our distributors, the organization of our operations, and the skills of our management team. Additionally, we offer trade discounts of the bulk price of our products depending on: the quantity the customer wants to purchase, the terms of payment, and the possibility for maintaining long term relations with that customer.

The wide distribution of our ropes and the large network of distributors we have around the country are other important advantages of our company. This makes us the company with the largest share in the Bulgarian rope market with presence in every large city in Bulgaria. The end consumer can find our products in many stores for construction and industrial commodities in all district cities and in most of the smaller Bulgarian towns.

Creating and maintaining long term relations with our customers is of great importance to us. Most of our clients have chosen to purchase ropes and certain rope products (like hammocks, ladders, cradles) from our company ever since it was founded in the year 2000. With every customer we try to maintain business relations which are beneficial to both sides and are based on integrity, loyalty, and trust. From all the traders which have bought ropes from us for the first time around 95% choose to do so in the future.

A distinctive characteristic of our company is the flexibility of our operations. Many of our customers have special requirements concerning the attributes of the ropes they want to purchase which are different from our standard offerings but we are ready to fulfill these requirements if our production capabilities allow it and we are ready to guarantee the high quality of our products. Our employees are ready to offer the best rope type and size which fulfills the specific requirements of the customer and the desired application.

Depending on the customer’s requirements we can make any type of braided ropes varying construction, materials, and colour as long as the customer presents a sample of the desired rope and our production capabilities allow it.